Monday, May 11, 2009

Its Monday again and It wasn't me

As you may know, "Not Me Mondays" were created by MkcMamma so go check her out. I would give you a link, but.......

I did NOT celebrate the tenth anniversary of my 21st birthday last week. Nope NOT ME, but that would mean that I am getting into my thirties at top speed. LOL.

For my birthday I did NOT get a wonderful computer virus which is SOOOOO intelligent that it hides all the common ways to kill a computer virus. It has NOT completely disabled all ways to connect to the Internet without getting thousands of po-up ads that break through all anti-virus software or pop-up blocker. Nope things like that never happen to me, because that would mean, I have to ship my laptop to the techs in Atlanta and use Ken's computer for work. Ken did NOT tell me that, "I better not give HIS computer a virus!" As IF I am the one who is contagious and not my computer. I was not half tempted to put on a surgical mask, groves, and put a sign on my office that said I was under quarantine. (sign)

Among my wonderful birthday gifts, I did NOT also "happen" upon a large fire ant nest next to our little pond. Nope, because that would mean that I'm allergic and now have a cankle (foot and ankle) SO huge I cannot wear any shoes other than flipflops. I mean, whose foot and ankle swell up like Prof. Clump? NOT ME.

My birthday week was not completely busy, since my niece's birthday was a few days before mine, then my birthday, then the same niece graduated from USC and then it was Mothers day. All in all it wasn't a pretty good birthday with lots of well wishes.


E @ Scottsville said...

Well, again Happy Birthday!!!!

Sorry to hear about your cankle. I did a cankle post one time. You are the SECOND blog I've read today that mentioned a cankle. Too funny!

Happy Monday!

Lindsey said...

Happy birthday!!

Aileigh said...

Happy birthday, belated! I also had one last week! Wednesday! And Thursday, I had two wonderful cankles! Funny you posted that because posted almost the exact same thing! (Mine were due to blood clots, though) I guess Erica was talking about me! :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy belated Birthday!
I hope your cankle feels better soon! ;)