Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh for the love of chocolate

This beautifully, deliciously evil thing was our wedding cake, all most one year ago. Despite being an event planner, I have a confession to make…… I HATE traditional wedding cake. I’m sorry, but who cares how beautiful it is, if it tastes simply awful!? It is CAKE, people! The whole point of dessert is to be wrapped up in its wonderful deliciousness where you wonder if anything that good should be in your hands in the first place.

With that said, this beauty was yellow cake with chocolate mousse between the layer and chocolate ganache on the outside, completely my idea for our wedding cake and it was better than I ever dreamed of. My mouth waters just thinking about it. This work of art was by Lulu’s Bakery in Alpharetta, Georgia. They are known for their wonderful treats and are so easy to work with. This puppy was so fabulous that we ate our top layer after our honeymoon. Shhhhhh!!!! Since, I’m in Atlanta on business this week, I called Lulu’s to order an anniversary layer. I am picking it up on Thursday and to be honest, I’m not sure if the whole cake would make it back to South Carolina IF I had not given up sweets for Lent.

Anyway, if you are getting married, planning a party or just want dessert and you live in Atlanta head over to Lulu’s and enjoy!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Its Monday and It wasn't me

This weekly blogging event was created by MckMama of My charming Kids. It just so happens to be one of my favorite things to do on a Monday and is the economic form of therapy. And away we go……..

It hasn’t been several Mondays since I have blogged about anything at all. Nope not me!! Blogging friends did not threaten to send out a search party for me. I love blogging and would NEVER neglect my blogging in an effort to take hold of my career all while pulling myself out of a funk. Who does that? Besides IF that had happened I wouldn’t be better than ever, fully focused, basking in positivity and God’s blessings. Mentally, my bags are packed and I am taking a leap of faith that…….. I WILL HAVE A JOB IN EVENT PLANNING for my birthday and will begin work as of June 8th. I am a woman on a mission and I am so NOT like a kid at Christmas filled with excitement!!! Nope not me.

In my excitement and packing for my trip to Atlanta, I did NOT forget my pjs and all of my panties for a whole week! Nope not me, because that would mean I woke up this morning only to find I might need to either go commando OR make a trip to the store. IF that had happened, I am NOT telling you what route I took.

I did NOT over hear people at church talking about me in a good way. They did NOT say how sweet I was and that I was a hot shot event planner. If that had happened I would have kept my cool and not had a huge grin all the way home, because YES…..I AM AN EVENT PLANNER!!!!!!!!

I have NOT been married almost a year. Nope not me. And Ken did NOT buy me mulch for our anniversary (hey it’s the paper anniversary!! LOL) and I am NOT so excited over mulch because it is EXACTLY what I asked for!!!

On Thursday night, I did NOT visit the Nissan dealership to test drive a 2009 Murrano I cannot afford yet. After which I did NOT, in all seriousness, tell salesman that I will be back either in the fall or next May with cash to buy my car. Hey, it could happen!

Oh, and…….this is the big one………….I did NOT agree to throw caution to the wind as far as babies are concerned. Nope not me!!! LOL (Ok E, STOP doing your happy dance. LOL)

I am NOT praying for a little man and his mom, who I only know via blogger, but I wish them all the best.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

YAY!!!! This is one of my favorite things to do on a Monday!!!! I cannot wait to hear what everyone else "wasn't done".

The Hubs and I did NOT get excited about going to the Home and Garden Show's "industry night" on Thursday that we partied like rock stars! Who gets that excited over free food and adult beverages, really??? Besides IF that had happened we were definately home right after it ended at 9 pm, seeing as how we both had to work on Friday, plus I had a wedding consult for the wedding I'm planning at the end of May. We would NEVER stay out until 2 am on a work night...... Then I was completely fine and it took the hubs three days to get over feeling like something the cat brought in. (giggle!) Becuase, at nearly 7 years my senior.....the hub knows his limits.

Who was that woman cilling in bed until 10 am on Saturday and the hubs had to bring her coffee in bed? NOT ME. If that had happened, it wasn't simply fabulous and exactly what I needed.

I am NOT reading The Secret and channeling all my postitive energy into everything I think and do. Besides, IF I did...it is so NOT working like a charm! I did NOT completely defuse a fight with Ken by using this method.........deciding that whatever he said was not going to bother me and we would be back to our happy day afterward.

With that said, I don't suddenly feel as if I am using Jedi mind tricks in all that I do. "Use the force Luke!" and it is working in AMAZING ways.

I did NOT get lost going to church yesterday, when that is one of the places I go most often...I did NOT use the "secret" and still make it there early.

What have you NOT done this week? Or have you read The Secret?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coming out of the “Twilight” zone….

Going room to room of the disaster area, one would wonder, ‘what on earth happened here?’ ……………………… unfolded laundry is piled up on top of the dryer……… The disgusting unmapped kitchen floor pales in comparison with the science project in the sink filled with unwashed dishes. The remnants of last nights midnight pizza remain on the counter top. Upon entering the master bath, it appears that a small animal has died in the bath tub and the smell of the unclean turns up my nose.

Did someone die? Should we mark the home unsuitable for all human life and small pets?

As I emerge from my "Twilight" induced coma, I realized how much I put my life on hold simply to read a book. Sad, I know, but I miss it a little. My girlfriend in Atlanta lent the book to me last weekend and I have been going at it almost non-stop. I neglected wifely duties, rush through making Ken’s lunch every morning, and woke up early all in the name of devouring every word as fast as my brain can process.

I really enjoy the character of Edward. (sigh) I liked his worldly knowledge and envied Bella for getting to know him. I liked Bella as well, however her clumsiness frustrates me. I won’t going into detail for the sake of not spoiling the book for those who have not read it. And don’t get me started on the brief part of the next book I was able to read. Let’s just say, for the sake of my marriage and career….its a good thing the second book is still in Atlanta and I cannot pick it up until the end of the month.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The many shades of love…..

The Updated version:

There are many types of love and we often through the term another far too easily. You love..your parents one way, your children another, God another, friends another, pets another, and then there is romantic love which has many shades of its own.

Puppy Love / First Love

As I read “Twilight” (by the way, I have not read a book so fast in my life other than Harry Potter”) it had made me recall all those high school feelings of starting a new school, hoping to fit in, and of course of first love.

Your first love is such a magical thing. Everything is new and exciting. You are so unjaded by never having loved and lost. Holding your breath every time he walks you home wondering, will this be the night that he kisses you. At the time, my freshman/sophomore/junior self could not imagine a greater love than that or greater pain then when my love moved to KY. Although our relationship only lasted 2.5 years (almost married in high school standards. LOL.) from freshman year to nearly 25, my heart was his. Right around 25 is when he called out of the blue and we spoke briefly, both recalling the love we once had, but realizing how different our lives were years later. All the what-if’s in my head had been answered and I had closure.

Courtly Love
Apparently this happened more in the era of The Knights of the Round Table. Where men and women married to other people had a love of I suppose one step up from friendship that was never physically acted upon. I have two guy friends I met in high school that I can honestly say I loved in this way. I loved both of them every much, we never "dated", boyfriend/girlfriend stuff, but we were each very much apparent of the others families. We are still in contact today, however one I am closer to his wife now than I am him and the other will forever be one of my best friends.

Serious Relationships / Adult Love

These relationships are where you seriously talk about marriage, if not do get married. You come to realize that when in love you at times put someone’s feelings before your own.

I did have a four-year relationship during college, but looking back, I’m not sure IF I really was in love or if it was more a relationship of connivance. I did, however learn a TON from that relationship and grew as a person because of it. It helped me prepare for what I would consider my first serious relationship. Everything from beginning to end was fireworks, good and bad. Our first kiss was one of those where the world seemed to stop and I heard music in my ears. As I said, fireworks, the main issue…..I was a total drama queen over everything, fear drove me nuts. Fear of loosing him, fear of him not loving me as much as I loved him……. Anyway, during that time you talke about your life goals and about coming together as a couple and combine your lives.

Growing Love
This type of love evolves and grows with time and understanding. It is much more cognitive than the others. People whom I have spoken with who have had arranged marriages say they began this way. You meet a person who is a good life partner match for you. You share the same life goals, I guess its like finding your puzzle piece. There many or may not be that same excitement or fireworks/passion as the others, but love comes from learning and growing as a couple. If you are lucky enough to find someone you wish to spend the rest of your life with we all hit this area at some point. When the passionate love dies down a bit, this is where the real make or break kind of work begins. Ken and I have had this kind of love from the beginning. Each day we are together we learn and grow closer as a couple through mutual understanding and a willingness to work together toward a common goal. This is the reality of Happily Ever After.

Once you are in a real adult relationship, you find that during your life your marriage hits all of these stages at one time or the other. Some days if you were more in love you'd pop, while others you feel more like friends.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday - Not Me's

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

What kind of wife is SOOOO excited about a day off work and a trip home (Atlanta) that she wakes up extra early to leave the house and barely says good bye to her husband? NOT ME Oh and I didn't do 90 most of the way, otherwise I would have gotten there much earlier than my girlfriend (Mommy Barbie), I was meeting for lunch, expected and then I would NEVER go shopping to pass the time. (two dresses, a pair of shoes, a pink scarf, and shower gift for Malibu Barbie for under 75 bucks!!!! Woohoo. I mean, erase erase! That did NOT happen.)

Mommy Barbie did NOT get me hooked on “Twilight”. Nope I’m not all into a teeny bopper book at the age of 30, nope not me. Because if that were the case, I’d tell you that the writing in Harry Potter is SO much better, however I am 150 pages in and cannot put the stupid thing down.

Mamma Spawn and I did NOT get over priced hair cuts Saturday morning, where she did NOT dress up this time, because she said “Last time she realized she was the one junky looking person in there.” My dad, does NOT love the way she looks every time she goes with me, that he encourages it and told her she should pay for my hair cuts so we can go more often. LOL.

Who forgets their brie cherry puffs in the oven while getting ready for Malibu Barbie’s bridal shower? Not ME . Then get so flustered that the shower gift was left on Mamma Spawn’s table. Oops.

While hanging out with all the Phi Mu Barbies at the shower, the thinnest Barbie of them all did NOT tell me I was the same size she is (size zero at 5 foot 8 on a bad day), I did NOT bless her on the spot. She has not had a baby girl and a set of twin within the last three years. If she weren’t so sweet, this would make me want to give her the evil eye.

Speaking of Malibu Barbie’s wedding…..the groom did NOT tell his guys to leave all non-wives at home, because Mailbu’s friends are all so hot. LOL.

Ken did not surprise me AGAIN with a fabulous dinner of BBQ chicken and then a post dinner family walk simply because he knows how much I like those things. Who is this guy? I mean, really, perhaps I should go to Atlanta more often.

I am not hooked on “Twilight” so much that in order to force myself to work instead of read, for every quote I send out, I allow myself to read two pages.

So what have you not done?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Caution - Woman Driver Ahead

My beloved Ken:

When we are in the car together and you make comments about my driving, have you noticed it does NOT improve the situation, it just makes me mad. Not sure IF your request last night that I take driving lessons for your birthday was an attempt at being funny OR you honestly believe that I cannot drive….However such suggestions are more likely to get you kicked out of my car. I know you can not stand NOT to being the one behind the wheel. I let you do most of the driving for this very reason. Your little side comments of "Slow down!", "You really need to watch this curve here, because people come around to fast and will come into your lane" OR my favorite the "Great day!" whenever we hit a bump or leave the driveway. I had successfully made it through life for years without your help with my driving. I have only been in three accidents, one of which was my fault. And have only one ticket for speeding and that was coming to see YOU in SC. So, the fact remains that it is MY car and I will drive it. If we REALLY want to go there…….your truck is in my name as well, SO keep your mouth shut or I will drive it as well.

Thanks so much.

Your Wife

Monday, March 2, 2009

Thanks for the Award - the blog is cute!!!

oh, wow!!! I Received this award from and it made my day. It nice to hear that someone likes me and my random self. Thank you so much!!! I enjoy reading your blog as well.

Here are 10 cute or sometimes not so cute things about me:
I am far more spoiled by Mamma Spawn and Goo as an adult than I ever was as a child. I often tell them they don't have to buy my love, I kinda just like them. I LOVE partying with them. I know that might be somewhat odd, but when your parents are only 50 and you are 30, its a lot of fun.

We say nightly prayers and sing the baby puppy to sleep. LOL. Sad I know, but we do and he goes from being uppy to fast asleep within minutes. To I'm a little tea pot "I'm a baby puppy short and stout....Here is my tail, here is my snout.......When I'm feeling uppy, hear me shout......Roll me over and let me out." That last part still needs work, but....its the baby pup's song. It all began when Ken found him 7 months ago.

No matter where I go or what I am doing, my whole outfit has to match. I will not leave the house until I feel I have found the right outfit. Ken usually thinks this is funny (ie: going out to garden: jean work overalls, grey Henley shirt, Pink & white Breast cancer awareness hat, Pink gardening goves (Ken bought them), pink boots (Mamma Spawn bought them), (here's the part that kills Ken) pink, grey, balck and white argyle socks. LOL, I know I'm a mess.

Mamma Spawn......We spell it this way b/c I call her MAM (Midwestern accent "O"s sound like "A"s.) I'm her sometimes evil baby spawn (I'm JUST like her.) So she's Mamma Spawn, I'm the baby spawn, and whenever I have a little girl she'll be the baby baby spawn. LOL.

Barbiedom....I LOVED Barbie as a little kid. Clothes, shoes, houses, cars, what more could a girl want?! I once told Mamma Spawn that she looked like Barbie. I believe a woman at her best, is a Barbie. Then in college I met Malibu/PR Barbie, her Phi Mu sisters were all Barbies (Barbie, Malibu Barbie, Skipper, Mieko, etc.) It didn't hurt that they were all blond.

I keep a pretty clean house, except....I HATE dusting. Ken sometimes uses his dirty socks to dust off the tv. LOL. Sad, I know. But, it is my least favorite thing to do and Ken hasn't completely gotten the hint that HE should do it.

I'm slightly OCD in the fact that I cannot sleep or do anything unless everything is in the proper place.

I am SO impressed with our new Scotch Fur Fighter, that I was compelled to write a review on Target's website. Yes, I'm a dork. But, it REALLY works well. I do suggest vacuuming the area first, but it is FABULOUS!!!!

I dance around the house whenever the mood hits me. Belly, swing, hip hop, salsa, Irish jig, whatever I'm all for it.

I was so excited that my daffodils are in bloom, that I woke Ken up over the weekend. He was less than excited, but came outside to see them any way. LOL.

Even as an adult, I LOVE Christmas and everything about it. There is just something magical about the whole season.

I am giving this award to the following Blogs: MckMama
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monday again, and It WASN'T Me

Looking for a reason to escape the Monday, blah's.....Well, NOT ME MONDAY's was created by MckMama from My Charming Kids It's cheaper than therapy!!! I look forward to it every week.

I DO NOT roll my eyes, get huffy and stressed whenever Ken gets too excited about having a little bit exact money and wants to spend it, then stalk clothes, shoes and other items on Ann Taylor Loft, White House Black Market, and Target. Besides, if that were the case, I most certainly would not save photos to my laptop in the hope of either finding similar items for less or making it myself.

I DID NOT have trouble sleeping while out of town on business due to the lack of the hubby and uppies (my own little puppy pile) taking up all my space in the bed. I didn't have to add pillows all around me until I was properly squished just to fall asleep. That's silly, who has issues with having TOO much room in a bed.

Who would be obsessed with The Knot's Real Weddings and then completely forget to send in her own wedding photos? Then decide to wait until May to send them in and date them April '09. NOT ME.

I did NOT come home to a candlelit dinner of scallops, crab legs, and other wonderful food on Saturday (who is this guy?) and Ken did not say he was ready to make babies after telling me we couldn't two weeks ago when I had baby fever. We also didn't agree to wait again, then pick baby names and look at Target for all the things we'd register for. Who does that?

Ken at 37-years-old was NOT like a little kid at Christmas after finding PS2 Rock Band at a store going out of business for dirt cheap. We did NOT spend so much time playing it together that my wrist hurts from drumming too much.

I didn't occur to me that I should be careful what I say about my company on a facebook survey "What do you do for a living? Software sales - yuck! But, hope it will be event planning soon." when a coworker called me out on it AND forwarded an article from the UK about a 16-year-old being fired after posting on FB that her job was boring. Ok ok, point made!!!! I also didn't think about just blocking said coworker from my page.

So what have you NOT done this week?