Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shiny Happy People - I want one

Ok so if my last two posts were too sugary and religous that you wanted to puke, I understand. However if I don't fight the feelings of fear and hopelessness, I will soon become one of those empty shell people. So, much like Pollyana I will be playing the glad game. Besides, this depressive, the sky is falling junk, is just not my style (ok, maybe that was more for me than you. LOL.)

For the passed week I have had REM's Shiny Happy People stuck in my head as I find myself bouncing about the house. I must say, its uplifting. I take it more as a note to self......BE THANKFUL, BE HAPPY

So, here it goes, a little positivity on a Saturday....I am fearless, positive, blessed and moving toward my goals!

In a nut shell:

I have been given a wonderful opportunity to make a career change (Two more of my coworkers were let go last Wednesday and the Corporate visit, although positive, I'm pretty sure I need a 6 month exit strategy. IE: Plan B MUST become Plan A! Oh a side note, please pray for my coworkers and their families during this time.)

God has given me an opportunity for Ken and I to get on the same page financially. (There was too much month and not enough money so far July and we were late on a bill. It's been a humbling experience to say the least, but has really forced my faith in God to increase, 'cause it's all I have left.)

I have a new determination to handle everything with grace. (Negetitivity never got anyone anywhere so why spend one second of your life thinking about the passed and things you cannot change.)

Why am I blogging so much as of late, you ask, well really I'm not in the mood to do regular work and/or continue looking for a new job. Anyway, I hope you all are doing well. Be blessed.

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E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, you're gonna have to soooo forgive me! I've just hardly even "looked" at my dashboard lately, and it is what shows me when you have new posts.

I've been so busy and have only had time to comment in response to comments. So I didn't even know you HAD new blogs til I got your comment today and hopped over to say hello. SO HERE I AM and you have all these blogs that I hadn't even seen yet. I'll get to readin!