Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Apparently that’s my middle name. NOT good!!!

As you may know, I want to go into event planning and planning an event for our church. Needless to say I was stoked when first asked and had all of these fabulous ideas, but my attention keeps being pulled into all directions. Focus is not in my vocabulary as of late.

Other than the few weddings I have helped plan and a few things in college, this event for church is my time to shine. Sure, I work best under pressure and that’s when I am at my most creative. At 6 years-old it was cute and I am sure my mom hoped I would grow out of it, but at 30 not so cute. So, here I sit a week away from the event and I don’t have much done. Got the food ordered today, finally went to the church and did a strategy session. Which is cool and everything will completely come together. This is my gift after all, I just need to get it on a more timely basis. Just has been hard to know what I can and cannot do, other than keeping costs down what the budget is, being not as familiar with the area and church set-up, but really all I had to do was jump in and not be afraid to get my feet wet.

Ok back to the job I get paid for. Note to self: Ignore the pay check and do what you love and make that bring in the paycheck.

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