Monday, October 27, 2008

God Speaks through Chocolate

We all know the story of the burning bush right…well in this day and age, if a bush spoke, I would think I was going crazy. However, I believe that God sends us “burning bush” messages everyday, but we often don’t hear or see them.

So, I was feeling crabby yesterday. I hated the outfit I was wearing and feeling less than fabulous. It was definitely a chocolate kind of day. So, I said a prayer and opened two Dove Promises…..mmmmmm, chocolate definitely helps. I read the first wrapper and it says “In order to truly live life, not all must be planned.” Ah, hello, it might as well have said, “Keli, stop planning everything. I got it covered. Love, God.” Then the next one said, “Realize that you don’t always have to be perfect.” Again….HELLO. So, I open one more and it said, “Now is the time to act on your dreams in order to make them happen.” I had to look around the car and make sure God wasn’t sitting next me.

Yes, Dove Promises all have helpful life messages, but what are the odds of getting three in a row that speak directly to your mood at that current moment, of course I changed my outlook on the day right then.

So, believe whatever you want, but I’m sticking with God sends the messages we need all the time, and yesterday he chose to talk to me through chocolate.

Today's Song: Sway by the Pussycat Dolls

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ChelleB said...

LOVE IT! I guess I need to go buy some Dove Promises!