Tuesday, October 7, 2008

News Flash

Although I am not perfected…..scratch that…although I am completely flawed at times, does not mean that EVERYTHING is my fault. Even though I am an only child and happen to be accustom to getting my way, does not mean that I expect it or that when I disagree with you that I am acting like a spoiled brat. Yes, I can be that as well, but not ALL the time. When you say evil things to me or call me names, I know you do it out of fear and that’s why I don’t say it back. You are afraid. Of what I don’t know and I will continue not to know unless you decide to tell me………… SO……I’ waiting.

You say that I hold a grudge and that that is wrong. This is true. But, while you are judging me, realize it takes a LOT to get me this angry and when it happens repeatedly, of course I’m holding on to it. So, give me space and I’ll snap out of it, but when you have to say you are sorry so often, the word holds less power for me. I’m not God and my forgiveness does not come as easily as his……after all I’m not perfect. I am a work in progress.

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Pat said...

If we all were perfect then where would Jesus play a role in our lives? I decided when my parents went through a divorse, when I was 28yrs old, it hurt me alot! I had to decide for my self that being angry at them served me no purpose. It robbed me of the engery for my own self peace of mind. I have decided that Anger is a stupid emotion. It is one ok to have only if you are willing to voice the problem. To keep it to yourself is consuming of the Gifts and things God wants you to do. The question always comes to my mind....how do you want to spend your energies?? I would much rather spend them cultivating a relationship with someone to show them a Christ like life than spin my wheels and waste time.