Friday, November 21, 2008

Begger in the 20 thousand dollar suit

I was reading the news the other day about the American auto makers looking for a bailout. First of all, what …is "bailout" the new buzz word for 2008?! Yes, I look at bills every month and wish for a quick fix….winning the lotto…….getting a job with a six figure salary…… finding an extra 40 thousand buried in my yard….something. But, I have had to face the facts that for a while now, in the words of Dave Ramsey, "I have not been acting my wage." Ignore all of the economic woes for now and let’s face the facts, most of us, my self included, live a lifestyle that our pay checks simply do not cover so we use credit to make those purchases. It was once said that “Cash is King”. Well, guess what in the world we live in we don’t use cash, we use plastic, something that on its own has absolutely NO value. I know for a fact that had we acted my wage acted our wage; we would be sitting on easy street right now. Praying for more money isn’t the answer. Learning to live within your means is. Materialism is an evil thing.Trust me I have been fighting a battle with the fact that I have champaign dreams with a boxed wine budget. God has been answering my prayers with lessons on managing money and what I do and don't "need." I recall, my great grandma only giving us half a piece of gum and forcing me to not waste. She was there through the first depression and I really wish she were here to teach me those lessons.

Oh yeah the United State Auto makers …….so they used their private planes to attend the hearing to ask the government for money, HELLO……… I was so proud of the government of pointing out that showing up in separate private planes doesn’t look good when asking for money. And what kills me is that if the government does bail them out, all the “little people” will be laid off and the big guys at the top might only have to use their private planes less. I won’t begin to try to tell them what they should do, because frankly someone could easily look at my life and make judgments on what I should do to get out of debt. At any rate if I had a brand new Volvo, I sure as heck wouldn’t drive to pick up food stamps in it. That seems like one of those…You might be out of touch with reality….IF jokes. I mean if you saw two homeless people on the street and one was in a wheelchair wearing a military uniform showing signs of fallout from Agent Orange and the other was wearing a 2 thousand dollar suit, drinking starbucks and tapping her new Coach shoes.....Who would you give your moeny to. I just hink that if the governement is going to bail banks and companies out there best be some STIFF rules of engagement.

I pray that God gives us the strength to weather these hard times. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving as we all have much to be thankful for.

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