Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Talented Beyond His Years

I found this video on Youtube and was amazed.

Not only because U2 is one of my favorite bands but that this young man is able to perform at a level beyond his years. It is astonishing.

At any rate, is it me or do there seem to be more extremely musically talented children of Asian descent. Perhaps, it is my draw to Asian children. I find them adorable. Any way….talented Asian children….genetic, cultural discipline, or are they simply being robbed or their childhood? Yes, some ethnicities do some what seem pre-disposed to excelling at certain things. Albeit, being mixed, my black half does not make me an excellent basketball player. Other than tennis, I actually stink at basketball. If not genetic perhaps I lacked the discipline to cultivate my basketball or tennis skills. Or we’ll go with God had other plans.

Whatever the reason…..this little boy plays beautifully.

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