Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bad @ss Barbie

In the world we currently live in, times are tough for everyone and even people who thought they were financially set are tightening their financial belt. I am a reformed shopaholic and yes, I LOVE the books as well. You see, I had standards for the life I wanted to lead (yes, I am a Christ follower, but I suppose I lean toward the materialistic end of the spectrum.) well before my pay check could cover it. Hence, my bum belonged to MasterCard and Visa long after I stopped spending and began paying them off. But, the thing is that once I got a better paying job, with time and curbing my spending, I could support my lifestyle all by myself. Well, I met and got engaged to the hubby while I was still under-going financial rehab. And what can I say with all the excitement, I lapsed into old habits.

In theory, I could support myself in my lifestyle and I thought the hubby could support himself in his lifestyle, SOOOOO two pay checks and combined expenses would make life easier. Not so much!!!! I married a fellow shopaholic. Our biggest problem is that we did not have enough open and truly honest communication about money. And for a while there was so much shoulda, woulda, coulda going on in my brain that I could barely see straight. But, what’s done is done. And while I do bear some responsibility for getting us to this place, I might also bear the responsibility and willingness to get us out of it. And that is a somewhat scary place.Not that he isn't doing anything, he does a lot and is trying, but more has to be done. I suppose one person in a relationship always does hold the weight on some aspects of life. Some things you’ll do it all, some he’ll do it all, and some you both do. I am a firm believer that the latter should be true when it comes to money. But how on Earth do you get both of you on the same page? Especially if you are pretty sure you are right. (No the sky isn’t falling but being the breadwinner of your household due to the economic state means the life of luxury is over until we get out of the situation.) I know you should always ask yourself, when determining if a fight is worth it, whether you’d rather be “right” or “happy”, but in this case the action needing to be taken in the fact that I am right, will make me happy. As a couple whether you are right or wrong, you need to be on the same page. I’m willing to put on the “Grown-up” shoes, put my head down and work harder than I have ever worked, and while I won’t like giving up the life of luxury to get there, I’ll do it. But, I need us to be on the same page.

God has brought me to it and will see me through it and after a lot of prayer and tears I know only hard work will fix it. Back on the Dave Ramsey plan we go with renewed gazelle-like focus. Good-bye Coach, Good-bye Starbucks, Good-bye new shoes……. The material girl is not dead, but she has been taken over by the hard working, penny pinching diva who is willing to do whatever and I do mean WHATEVER (ok, minus anything not in keeping with being a good Catholic woman) it takes to get out of this. Besides, there are more inportant things in life than the almight $$$$$. Have have great family, friends and my in-law family. A wonderful hubby (some days more than others) and two great dogs.

Hmmm, hello Mattel……….. you have always had materialist corporate always perfectly beautiful Barbie. So, hold on to your hats, because 2009 Barbie prays a lot, sold her Coach purses on Craigslist, eats Roman noodles, might get a second job, and if the Barbie car wasn’t paid off it would be sold. With the grit of Rosie the Riveter, Barbie has a whole new attitude toward life and money.

Song of the day: “She works hard for her Money”

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Lindsey said...

I love 2009 barbie!!!