Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scootie Scoo and Gizzie Too - The Very Uppy Day

Hi my name is Scooter and my big sister is Gizmo we are the puppies (children) of people known to you as Mieko and Ken. Our mommy calls us uppy puppies ‘cause all though we are very cute, we also can get into a lot of trouble. ‘specially me ah ‘cause I’m little and like to play lots. Mommy is writing a book about us, IF she EVER finishes it and we have our own blog, but….Mommy has been using this ‘puter thingy like she owns it or somefin’. So, here is a story about us.

We woke up this morning at 6:30, pottied and had breakfast. I thought it was a regular day, but something deep in side me wanted to do back flips off of Mommy’s head. I don’t know, I just felt uppy. Gizzie and I feel asleep on the couch while Daddy slept and Mommy made the lunches and cleaned the kitchen.


I don’t know what happened during my morning nap, but by the time I woke up I was even more uppy. I ran around the keeping room like a wild man. Jumped at the refrigerator and almost pressed the button to make cubies fall out. Gizzie and I LOVE cubies. Then Daddy woke up so I ran toward the bedroom, jumped on top of my house, bit the back of Gizzies leg, then jumped on Daddy’s head and bit his nose. Mommy wasn’t happy. She yelled and I got my nose smacked. Then Daddy went to work and Mommy, Gizzie and me went to the office.


I tried to tell Mommy I was sorry for being so uppy, I just couldn’t help it today. I could not stop bitting Gizzie’s ears or legs and she was biting me back. We fought over the ball. We have two but I always want the one Gizzie has. It tastes better. Then we were rough housing, but Mommy was on a conference call. Oops. So then we were REALLY in trouble.

Mommy took me outside to burn off some of my uppines.

Mmmm I love acorns.

We played ball. I dug holes in the yard and got into trouble again, but then I found a stick.

We came back inside and I decided that I was going to try to be REALLY good and not be so uppy. Gizzie hardly ever gets in trouble,so I tried to be just like her.

Money See Monkey DO

Then Daddy came home early a little after lunch.


We LOVE hanging out with Daddy. Other than Mommy, he is one of our favorite people. I was still trying to be good and I guess it worked, because Mommy gave me a peanut butter kong later. They are my favorite!!! I promise to be extra good tomorrow.


Anyone who has not experienced unconditional love, has never been loved by a dog.

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mommaof4wife2r said...

those are some cute pups!!! how much fun...why is my dog not that cute??