Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday - Not Me's

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

What kind of wife is SOOOO excited about a day off work and a trip home (Atlanta) that she wakes up extra early to leave the house and barely says good bye to her husband? NOT ME Oh and I didn't do 90 most of the way, otherwise I would have gotten there much earlier than my girlfriend (Mommy Barbie), I was meeting for lunch, expected and then I would NEVER go shopping to pass the time. (two dresses, a pair of shoes, a pink scarf, and shower gift for Malibu Barbie for under 75 bucks!!!! Woohoo. I mean, erase erase! That did NOT happen.)

Mommy Barbie did NOT get me hooked on “Twilight”. Nope I’m not all into a teeny bopper book at the age of 30, nope not me. Because if that were the case, I’d tell you that the writing in Harry Potter is SO much better, however I am 150 pages in and cannot put the stupid thing down.

Mamma Spawn and I did NOT get over priced hair cuts Saturday morning, where she did NOT dress up this time, because she said “Last time she realized she was the one junky looking person in there.” My dad, does NOT love the way she looks every time she goes with me, that he encourages it and told her she should pay for my hair cuts so we can go more often. LOL.

Who forgets their brie cherry puffs in the oven while getting ready for Malibu Barbie’s bridal shower? Not ME . Then get so flustered that the shower gift was left on Mamma Spawn’s table. Oops.

While hanging out with all the Phi Mu Barbies at the shower, the thinnest Barbie of them all did NOT tell me I was the same size she is (size zero at 5 foot 8 on a bad day), I did NOT bless her on the spot. She has not had a baby girl and a set of twin within the last three years. If she weren’t so sweet, this would make me want to give her the evil eye.

Speaking of Malibu Barbie’s wedding…..the groom did NOT tell his guys to leave all non-wives at home, because Mailbu’s friends are all so hot. LOL.

Ken did not surprise me AGAIN with a fabulous dinner of BBQ chicken and then a post dinner family walk simply because he knows how much I like those things. Who is this guy? I mean, really, perhaps I should go to Atlanta more often.

I am not hooked on “Twilight” so much that in order to force myself to work instead of read, for every quote I send out, I allow myself to read two pages.

So what have you not done?


Lindsey said...

I am hooked to Twilight too!!

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, I have another friend that is hooked on those books. She even went with her niece to see the movie. =0) I, however, hate to read - thus avoiding the whole Twilight series completely.

I look forward to the day when instead of "Malibu Barbie" we get to call you "Preggo Barbie!"

Gotcha! =0) {{this is like a game of TAG}}

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Don't feel bad-I totally got hooked on Twilight, too. Great books!