Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Caution - Woman Driver Ahead

My beloved Ken:

When we are in the car together and you make comments about my driving, have you noticed it does NOT improve the situation, it just makes me mad. Not sure IF your request last night that I take driving lessons for your birthday was an attempt at being funny OR you honestly believe that I cannot drive….However such suggestions are more likely to get you kicked out of my car. I know you can not stand NOT to being the one behind the wheel. I let you do most of the driving for this very reason. Your little side comments of "Slow down!", "You really need to watch this curve here, because people come around to fast and will come into your lane" OR my favorite the "Great day!" whenever we hit a bump or leave the driveway. I had successfully made it through life for years without your help with my driving. I have only been in three accidents, one of which was my fault. And have only one ticket for speeding and that was coming to see YOU in SC. So, the fact remains that it is MY car and I will drive it. If we REALLY want to go there…….your truck is in my name as well, SO keep your mouth shut or I will drive it as well.

Thanks so much.

Your Wife


E @ Scottsville said...

Ha ha ha - I RARELY drive Jason anywhere. All men feel the need to 'direct' and it annoys me, too!

Best story of us... back when we were dating: Jason was following me. I yielded at the yield sign, he thought I'd gone and was looking back, and plowed right into the back of me. Ha! Men!!!

Chloie said...

I know the feeling. That's why I'd rather have Fiance drive when we're together. I'm not that fond of driving anyway.

Lindsey said...

Hahaha! I know this feeling!!