Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monday again, and It WASN'T Me

Looking for a reason to escape the Monday, blah's.....Well, NOT ME MONDAY's was created by MckMama from My Charming Kids It's cheaper than therapy!!! I look forward to it every week.

I DO NOT roll my eyes, get huffy and stressed whenever Ken gets too excited about having a little bit exact money and wants to spend it, then stalk clothes, shoes and other items on Ann Taylor Loft, White House Black Market, and Target. Besides, if that were the case, I most certainly would not save photos to my laptop in the hope of either finding similar items for less or making it myself.

I DID NOT have trouble sleeping while out of town on business due to the lack of the hubby and uppies (my own little puppy pile) taking up all my space in the bed. I didn't have to add pillows all around me until I was properly squished just to fall asleep. That's silly, who has issues with having TOO much room in a bed.

Who would be obsessed with The Knot's Real Weddings and then completely forget to send in her own wedding photos? Then decide to wait until May to send them in and date them April '09. NOT ME.

I did NOT come home to a candlelit dinner of scallops, crab legs, and other wonderful food on Saturday (who is this guy?) and Ken did not say he was ready to make babies after telling me we couldn't two weeks ago when I had baby fever. We also didn't agree to wait again, then pick baby names and look at Target for all the things we'd register for. Who does that?

Ken at 37-years-old was NOT like a little kid at Christmas after finding PS2 Rock Band at a store going out of business for dirt cheap. We did NOT spend so much time playing it together that my wrist hurts from drumming too much.

I didn't occur to me that I should be careful what I say about my company on a facebook survey "What do you do for a living? Software sales - yuck! But, hope it will be event planning soon." when a coworker called me out on it AND forwarded an article from the UK about a 16-year-old being fired after posting on FB that her job was boring. Ok ok, point made!!!! I also didn't think about just blocking said coworker from my page.

So what have you NOT done this week?


E said...

Ouch! Scarey about the co-worker stalker! =0)

Okay, now why the HECK did I just get excited that Ken said it was okay to start a family and then yell "NOOOO" when I heard you told him to wait. Dad gum it, Woman!!! I surely DO NOT know you well enough to say "You're not getting any younger!" ha ha ha

Loved your Not Me's. I had a fabulous-o weekend. Sounds like you did too!

Aileigh said...

Um... how come you backtracked? I did NOT get all excited for you then get knocked down! Babies are fun, but a lot of responsibility! Of course, dogs are too! LOL :) Great Not Me post! Of course it would have been better had you left out that one sentence! :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great list! I get lonely in an empty bed, too. ;)

The Shabby Princess said...

I can't sleep when I'm not squashed either! Ha.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Ohh, how sweet with him making such a great dinner, then telling you the news, that is so sweet! You obviously are a cute couple! Good luck ;)