Friday, September 12, 2008

Fear and Faith

It has been said that fear ends where faith begins, or maybe its faith begins where fear ends, Not sure which it is but you get the picture. Well, God and I have been discussing the fact that I would like to move on from my current career path. Yes, I do feel like such an ungrateful butt, when there are a ton of people wishing they had a job to go to. Yes, I am under paid and work for a company that becomes less desirable more and more every day, but I LOVE the team I work with. There is no one I generally dislike, I might dislike their attitude or actions at times, but I really do like them all a lot. Plus we have always do a really laid back atmosphere. No high pressure cut throat sales here, but that’s just time…..really… that’s what changed. Our job was made harder by things out of our control and by the very people who are supposed to support us and aid us in a time of need. Well, they seem to just want us to fail. If you recall I have a fear of this…”Who Moved My Cheese” and all ………… as I was saying, I’ve seen the writing on the wall. Saw all of this coming, but didn’t want to jump ship because there was a glimmer of hope, but they killed the glimmer of hope too. After all the talking to God, I finally got an in your face answer on what I am supposed to do.

I must admit that I cried a little. But, here goes my leap of faith. So, even with the debt, the new puppy, work being slow for the hubby, I’m diving in head first into the unknown and unplanned (Well, God has a plan, but I don’t other than stay positive, keep your head up and know that we will all get through this.) Then I talked to two of my girlfriends and I have direction and the rest is up to God. Where ever I am supposed to go whatever I am supposed to do, I’m game. So, I’m looking for a new career, actively now.

This letting go is harder than it seems. Its easy to say you have faith in God when everything seems to be going your way, but it is when seems to not be going your way when God does his greatest work. And I know that He is far more capable of handling all this than I am. So, I’m not going to sweat it.

Today’s songs:
“Amazing Grace” sung by the cutest little girl ever (How can you not feel uplifted listening to her.)

And the Our Father by the same little girl.

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