Friday, September 5, 2008

Tee minus and counting...........

Just over 24 hours until the first Friend Church Event. I am so excited!!!!! A little disappointed that the hubby and the ‘rents are unable to attend, but this isn’t my first event and it won’t be my last. Everything is complete and it should love Fab-U-lous if I do say so myself. Hard to explain what party / event planning is like for me. High on life for lack of a better term. This week proved that event planning, marketing, and PR is where my heart is. Sales is a means to an end. I have learned much and now it is time to take those skills and apply them where my heart is.

The Scootie book is coming along well too. I love my family and friends. Thus far, everyone’s attitude is “cool, you’re writing a book! I want to read it.” Yes, as the hubby says, “It takes more than a day to write a children’s book?” His idea is….. “See Scooter” “See Scooter run.” “See Scooter bark”. Ah, sorry Babe, but my book is a little more advanced than that. And to my supporters, of course you can read it. Fingers crossed on getting it published.

In other news, it looks like CHS (Airport code for Charleston. It is easier than writing everything out. We’re an hour away) might get hit hard with all of these storms. Scooter and I are headed back to CAE (Columbia) late tonight rather than in the morning. We’re going to batten down the hitches and hope for the best for all involved.

The song in my head today. “Take a Bow” by Rihanna

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