Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God bless Wireless

Dear God...........Thank you, thank you, thank you for wireless....phones, computers and of course Internet!!!!

Ok I admit, I have complained about my job when really in the current state of things I am really grateful to have a job at all. Working from home is not for everyone and I had thought this many a day over the last year. What can I say, unless you are doing something you love, telecommuting is not as productive as it could be.

As of right now.....I take back any negative thought I have ever had about working from home. I write to you from my new office. (smiles. Teehee.) As you can see the new office is much larger and has a rather nice view.

My new office furniture is compliments of a family friend. Yay, for nice hand-me-downs!!!!! The coworkers really like the new digs are well.

With the weather forecast of 75 to 85 for the rest of the week, I foresee this being our location for the time being. All I can say is, God bless wireless! Now if only we could get my computer battery to last more than two hours. Ah well, that's why we have really long extension cords, right?!

Hope you all are enjoying spring as much as I am!!!


The Other K Wick said...

LOL. Phrases: you might not hear in any other office, but this one:
"SCOOTER!!!! Do NOT chew the power cord!!!" (It's a good thing he's cute, b/c he isn't always the smartest puppy.)

"Could you please pass the 'tini shaker filled with water." (LOL. I wrote myself an inter office memo that we are having REAL drinks on Friday! LOL.)

"Please ignore the bird and wind noises in the background." (While on a conference call. LOL.)

Yeah, I'm enjoying this today. LOL.

Now if only I could be at the beach right now. Dare to dream, eh!?

E @ Scottsville said...

Now you're just being MEAN, Woman! I'm stuck here in a REAL office (mind you - it has a great view, but still) while you're out tanning in your back yard.


ANd where ya been lately? You don't come out and play in the blog world as much as you used to. I for one miss you!

Lindsey said...


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

You're a lucky girl!