Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello 4 am

(gasping for air, cough cough cough) What the heck was that?!

Hmmm Ken didn't hear that. But, what was that?

Oh wait...that was me....

Gross, I think there was something in my throat..

Please say it wasn't a bug, please say it wasn't a bug!!

Oh, gross!!! Ugh! I read or heard somewhere that people swallow thousands of bugs while sleeping.

Please, NOT have been a bug.

Ewww, because IF that was a was HUGE.

Maybe it was....... a bogey.......Nah, that's kinda gross too. But, at least it wasn't a bug, eh?

Did I really just say that? Ah, yeah I did.

Why is the hall light still on? (It's on a timer.)

Maybe I can slip out of bed, pee and drink some water.

Don't wake the fur babies. Don't wake the fur babies.

(in bathroom) Aw MAN!!!! "Hi, Gizzie! Hi my good girl." Great! Now they are going to want to pee too. UGH!!!!

Ken: "Babe, you ok!? Why are you up?"

"Yeah, just had to pee. And of course you know they now have to go as well." I cannot go any where without my furtourage (fur entourage). Between Ken and them, I am never without being followed and checked on.

(Dogs outside.) Grrrrrr, Scooter ate the little stoppers for the timer. Crazy little bugger!! "UGH! FOUR AM!!!!"

(Back in bed with the uppies and Ken.) Hmmm, not sleepy!

Is it me, or do all women obsess of crazy stuff like this at all hours of the night?

Ah, I suppose I do normally wish for an extra two hours in my day.......So, I have them in a way. What would you do with an extra two hours in your day? Albeit, I might miss this time not sleeping later.

By the way, the picture above is of sun set not sun rise, but its 0400, work with me people.


E @ Scottsville said...

I was going to say "Is that what it looks like at 4am where you live?" ha ha ha

And then you had to see this one coming... "Maybe you had to pee cuzs you're PREGGERS?" just kidding.

Hey, it's ME. What do you expect?

Lindsey said...

4am?! Gosh I don't think I know what 4am looks like!!