Monday, April 6, 2009


This fun blogging event was created by MkcMama of My Charming Kids. Normally, I’d link you to her page so you could see what all she didn’t do, but she is busy staring reality in the face while still at the hospital with her baby Stellan. I ask that you keep Stellan and the whole family in your thoughts and prayers. They are a great group of people. While I only know them through blogger, I have grown to love them all the same.

Ok on to what I did NOT do this passed week.

I did NOT read The Secret and let the message wash over me and help change my life. It is amazing the happiness that comes with being grateful to God for all that he has given and will give. Oddly enough, by being grateful for what I have, has produced even more of what I wanted. The Secret was NOT added to my reading list for life which includes the Bible, Total Money Makeover, Who moved my cheese, and a few others.

Who was that turkey or soybean burger eating chick who just so happened to stop at McDonald’s on the way home from Atlanta for a iced coffee? I’m a die hard Starbucks girl. (America may run on Dunkin, but I prefer my “treat” coffee to be pretty good, over priced and server with LOTS of atmosphere.) Who was that women who then began to crave a cheese burger…………ordered said hamburger……..demolish it in a matter of minutes……..crave another one…….stop at another McDonald’s 20 miles away and order a double cheese burger…..WASN’T ME (Hello, Mickey D’s does NOT server tofu, soybean, or turkey anything!!!) IF that had happened, I would never hide this fact from the hubs by throwing away the “evidences”, since I do not allow ground beef into my house, much to Ken’s dismay. Beside, that woman wouldn’t have been ratted out by the uppy that would not stop sniffing her.

I am NOT completely enjoying my parent’s stay with us this weekend. This is NOT proof that I am a completely spoiled only child………my parents haven’t been taking us out to dinner and my mom hasn’t taken me shopping. Old habits die hard, people! I am also NOT so jealous that they are here to go to the Master’s practice round, they had an extra ticket, but I have to work. (This being grown up stuff, kinda stinks some times.) On the same note, they weren’t invited to a golfing dinner where all the big name golfers might be and they are taking Ken and me. I’m not slightly stressed on what I might wear. Fingers crossed on meeting and getting pictures with Tiger, Jack or someone!!!!!

I did NOT get a rain barrel and plants for our anniversary gift!!! I am NOT totally excited about it. Yes, I garden and LOVE it!!!!

The outdoor café for church was NOT a huge success. I did NOT have so much fun doing it, that I simply did not care that all the credit was given publicly to someone else whereas some of my family was kind of upset. It did NOT mean more to me to have the women who received the credit tell me that I had exceeded her expectations. Besides, Mamma Spawn helped me a lot and I got more credit than she did. (This is why I’m taking her into event planning with me. LOL. I am far more creative when around her than without her.)

Oh and drum roll please……………The BIG one…..I did NOT make a contact in Atlanta who is from here in Columbia who is going to hook me up with all the key event planning contacts here. I am NOT overjoyed to really see that God heard me when I said, “While I was very grateful to have a job where I had learned to much, I felt I was ready to make the jump to my dream job (event planning full time) whenever he felt I was ready.” So now here is my issue… I………take a part time event planning job with a local events firm and learn from them OR do I let God take me wherever he takes me toward owning my own events company? Keep in mind, that while God has been completely taking care of us where Ken’s job is concerned, his working is still not 100 percent yet. Any ideas?


Lindsey said...

Love your Not Me Mondays! They are so fun!

E @ Scottsville said...

Ewwwwwwwwww, that's a tough call about the job. I say just let God lead you. He might lead you to take the job working for someone though. We shall see!

And I love the McDonalds thing. I would so do something like that too!