Friday, April 17, 2009

Silly Hubby

This was the scene at the Barbie house (LOL.) on Monday.

Ken: "You ate half my chocolate!"

ME: "No, I did not. Hello, yesterday was Easter and the first day I could even eat chocolate!"

Jump to last night.........

Ken: "I really want some chocolate! I wish I had some."

After returning from the kitchen. Me: "Open your hand. Here."

Ken: "Hey, that's from my Easter candy! You did take my chocolate!"

ME: "You said I ate your chocolate. Which I didn't. I never said I hadn't hidden your chocolate from you."

Ken: "That's not right! You shouldn't hide my chocolate from me!"

Me: "Look, I know how you are. If you had the whole bag of chocolate, you would have eaten it all by now. You ate the other half a bag of chocolate in three days! It would be wrong only IF I ate all of your chocolate. I'm not eating it, I'm protecting you from yourself!"

Ken: "Whatever! I still don't like it."................"So when can I have more of the hidden chocolate?"

Me: "In your lunch tomorrow."

The picture above is unrelated to the story above other than it is from my favorite chocolate maker back home. When I think of the perfect is them hands down!


Lindsey said...

You guys are so cute!!!

E @ Scottsville said...

Good job, Barbie!

You're hiding it for Ken's own good.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

You are too cute! Chances are, even it it were on the counter, my hubby wouldn't find it! You know, male blindness and all!