Thursday, April 2, 2009

Open-Toes............... For the love of Shoes

My name is Kwick aka Meiko aka Barbie aka Baby Spawn and I LOVE shoes.......A LOT!!! (LOL) So much so that.......... What is it with the weather here in Atlanta!? April showers bring May flowers, but come on!! Work with me here! Apparently I should be wearing shoes like these. SC had rain all last week and Ken calls me with daily reports that the weather there is now 75 and fabulous. :'(

Ok ok, simmer down Northern readers, its not my fault you live where it is cold. LOL. So, don't hate and just let me have my moment of not liking this rainy high 50 weather. (Yeah, we are spoiled down here.)

Anyway, I am ready for Spring. BRING IT!!!!!! Windows open at night (less pollen would be great!), flowers in bloom, gardening, and evening walks with Ken and the uppies. LOVE IT!!! SO, I'm rushing the season a bit. I got a pedi last night and wore open-toe shoes (as seen here.) to work today.

Let's just say it was VERY hard to go to the Nine West site just to get the picture and NOT purchase shoes.) My other favorite things about Spring are sun dresses and open-toed shoes.

So what is your favorite thing about Spring? Or what shoes are you currently stalking?

I'm now stalking these.....


Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness, those boots are just too cute for words!!

E @ Scottsville said...

Love the open toed, strappy heels. They're great! The green ones, not so much....

I'm all about strappy heels for dress and flip-flops for casual. AT this very moment, I'm in cork-heels with the one little strap between the toes (white) heels. Love 'em with my jeans, skirts or dresses!