Thursday, February 5, 2009


(Mamma Spawn and I in The Vista my bachelorett weekend. St. Patty's Day '08.)
Yay, Date NIGHT!!!!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am over a little night out to dinner with the hubs. Our neighbors, who rock and work at Olive Garden, gave Ken a gift certificate for his birthday the other week. It has been SO long since we've eaten out that I feel this is cause to celebrate. In true Barbie fashion I'm wearing my sexy trouser jeans, a dressy cowl-neck sweater (it was 17 this morning), my bra and panties match (these used to ALWAYS match, but funny how marriage changes that.), and I will unbox my favorite suede Ann Taylor heels. I'm going all out. Let's just hope Ken picks up on my "this is a date" vibe and doesn't decide to wear a Ohio State Sweatshirt. How disappointing would that be.....


Ms. Random Moments at Another day in the Same Life wants to hear a few honest truths' about me.

1. I love Ken so very much, but I sometimes recall the single Barbie days with fondness. Not that I miss the dating world or would trade Ken at all. Heck no! But, those wonderful days of being in my apartment all by myself where my space was as clean or messy as I wanted it. My money was all mine......Coach purses, new shoes, and buying a new dress to attend a wedding or have a special night out were done without having to think about purchasing dog food or that Ken's truck needs gas. All that "material stuff" is less important now, but sometimes I miss it just a little.

2. Emily Post has nothing on me about manors. Its an obsession. My grandmothers had a lot to do with it. I was raised almost like a debutant without the huge sums of money to back it up. However, we have always been comfortable money wise. Always being told sit up straight, shoulders back, glide when you walk, have the best table manors whether you're eating with a homeless person or the Queen of England, the way your home looks is your calling card and reflects you. All this has added to my need to be perfect ALL the time and my Barbiedom. At times I am sure I come off as rather ridged, but its exhausting trying to relax when in the back of your mind you hear 'Be perfect' 'be perfect'. Poor Ken knows I have to bite my tongue about some of things he does. And I worry when we have children. Don't get me wrong, that need for perfection has helped me as well. I'm pretty good at planning a party or Public Relations, because I am always thinking of the what-ifs and being prepared for anything to happen.

3. I cannot go anywhere without Orbits gum and a large napkin supply in my car.

4. I adore Audrey Hepburn movies. I own six. I watch at least two a month.

5. Hmmm, Ms. Moments me too. "I adore lists. Lists, lists, LISTS. The feel of pen on paper. Getting all my to-dos and wants and ideas out on paper in numeric order. Scratching things off my list. So incredibly satisfying. Hmm."

6. I loathe being cold. Like that bone chilling, no matter how much coffee you drink or clothes you put on still cannot get warm, kind of cold. I will take being too hot over too cold any day of the week.

7. I enjoy cooking as I said before I can follow recipes, but I am passionate about baking. Breads, cookies, cakes, whatever. Not so hot for the waist line, but who trusts a skinny cook anyway...... Cookies and milk/hot cocoa can make almost any day look better. (smiles) Mmm, cookies fresh out of the over are my weakness.

8. I long to get back into pottery, dance, or yoga. Working from home I have cabin favor and SO need a creative outlet. The jewelry making is helping. Sad to say but in the last week or so, I have gone through all of my findings and am now brave enough to working with my sterling silver stuff and will work my way up to white gold. Yay, for the fact that Mamma Spawn is SO like me about projects. She gets excited about something drops a WHOLE lot of money on it and then years later, I'm interested and get all of her stuff.

9. Call me crazy but I had an almost crippling fear of aliens (the space kind, not foreigners) up until I was 16. Not that they would take me up into their ship and do bad things to me, but that they communicated with me through telepathy in my dreams. I have always had crazy dreams or I guess night terrors about aliens. Even Mamma Spawn will tell you that as a baby I would move my fingers as if communicating with someone or something while I was asleep in my car seat. It freaked her out. Think the new show "Fringe". Hmmm, could be why I'm not obsessed with watching the show. I know, I'm odd.

10. As a little kid I had NO clue I was multiracial and that having parents of different races made me different. In Catholic kindergarten the kids all said I must be adopted. I was SURE my mom was lying to me when she said I wasn't. However, I look (with a better tan) and act so much like her at my age, that I could be her clone.

And now I shall tag:

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random moments said...

Sweet! Thanks for playing. :)

Your outfit sounds way cute. You must take photos for us! Have a great time!

Heather said...

I hope your date night is lots of fun. I liked reading your list. Like you, I am a big list maker and I cannot stand the cold. It is way too cold today, for example...

Kelli said...

I am with you on the lists. I love them and can't travel without one.