Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In the Kitchen

What’s for dinner? Jambalaya. Yummy!!!! Ken’s response was that HE did not eat Jambalaya, because he didn’t like the okra and other “stuff” that is in it. “Ah, yeah, Babe, that’s gumbo. Same region on the dish, so two points there.” I *heart* Jambalaya, especially on a cold day. I like it SO much, I decided to share the family recipe which has been passed down from generation to generation…………Open a box of Zatarain’s Jambalaya mix (tee hee, I know I know) add boiling water, add chopped turkey sausage, and cook for 25 minutes. (smiles) Ok ok, so I cheat on making Jambalaya, but I am the third generation in my family to use Zatarain’s. I did make scratch biscuits, and sadly they are not that good this go-round.

Ken is a better cook than I am. Shhhh. He can find an onion, left over turkey burger, and potatoes and whip up a fabulous meal. Whereas I can follow a recipe like a champ! Oh and the beautiful thing about Jambalaya….when you mistakenly set the oven timer for 9 more HOURS instead of 9 more MINUTES and everything is stuck to the bottom of the pan 15 minutes later…because you were ah …blogging. ……..You just have to add more water and everything is right as rain.

And no I have not eaten four, yes count them 4 of my not so great biscuits while waiting for my hubby to get home. It’s six o’clock and do you know where you husband is? I don’t. Ok, so the response I got when called was "Still working. Call you later." Which is cool with me.

Blog shall be updated with pictures later.

What's one of your favorite cold (It didn't get above 35 here today.) weather meals?

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random moments said...

Gumbo or chili. Hands down. Both perfect with crackers, served in a big ole coffee mug! :)

I make my gumbo from scratch, but I personally like Louisiana brand gumbo mix just as well. Just like your quick jambalaya, its takes WAY less time - time you could be using to do more important things, like blog. ;)