Friday, February 20, 2009

Scootie Scoo - One Uppy Puppy

Ewwwwwww, what's dat?!!! I'm little I wanna see too!!

See Gizzie I told you da Mommy was making puppy cookies.

When will the cookies be finished?

ok FINE, I chewed a whole in your sheets while you were in the closet getting dressed.

But, It didn't chew the toy basket!!! I promise!

Why are you yelling? I'm trying to help you find your files.

What do you mean this is Daddy's PS2 remote? It's puppy sized!

Happy Friday bloggy peoples.It's Scootie. I think I was bad. Da Mommy has been yelling lots. But, I didn't do nuffin!! And let me tell you, she says her doesn't believe in spankins, but she sure believed in them five minutes ago. She's posting pictures, but don't beleive them. It was ALL gizzie but da mommy doesn't beleive me. Tell her!!!! a'cause I didn't do nuffin! OH and I wanna cookie.


E said...

Hey, you already admitted that you made them their own quit teasing them Mama! =0)

I loved your comment about baby-makin'. I do get the funniest comments as "responses" on my blog and they make no sense to other readers, but they always make sense to me!

Heather said...