Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OSB - Week 6 - OH baby

Ok ok, I was a slacker. My mother-in-law made chocolate chip oatmeal chocolates, my favorite. The uppies were not walked, it was cold out and I have been a bum. I gained a pound.

With that said, do you hear ticking?..........I'm nearing the tenth anniversary of my 21st birthday and have been feeling baby fever. (Yes, that is me as a little person. I couldn't find any of Ken.) Babies are everywhere.......... At the grocery store.....little blue eyes are smiling at me. At church I receive a giggle and a wave. I long for a little person. Do a little web looking for a dress to wear to the Colorado wedding, low and behold..... so many designers make maternity clothes. Bump around Target without thinking...end up in the baby section. Hello, GOD ....are you trying to tell me something?

Ken was ready to have babies once we were engaged. At 37 he worries he will be too old. I know he will be an amazing daddy, that's one of the reasons I kept him. :D He says he agrees with my thoughts that "he needs to have regular work and pay checks before we "try" and that we needed to be married for at least a year (one year April 12th)." I know I am the only one holding us back. If I don't kick this baby fever soon.......Surprise!!!!!!

So, my dear readers....... How do you kick longing for a baby, you know without actually having one? I know people raise well adjusted children all the time while pinching pennies, but I know I could not raise a child with the amount of stress I've been feeling about work, money, and the economy. Any thoughts?


Heather said...

Oh, this is a hard one... I don't really know what to tell you. Baby fever is hard to "cure"!

E said...

If you really want my opinion, I say do NOT wait until you can 'afford' a baby or you'll never have one. AND I might add that all that 'stress' will be replaced when you have a tiny baby in your arms. We can't afford any of our four! And yet we have never gone hungry, never felt poor, always loved life. Do it now while you're still young enough to run and play and be a kid with 'em!!!

Now you hate me, don't ya? ha ha ha

Hugs & Kisses!! =0)

Chloie said...

I wish I know. I'm having that too. But right now, fitting in my wedding dress is my main concern so I can still control it. But after that, motherhood here I come... I just love babies. Aren't they the sweetest thing?

random moments said...

*squeal!!* How exciting!!! I don't have bebes, so I can't speak from experience, but I think if it were me I would just run with the feeling. Sure, you know you won't start planning until X date, but in the meantime why not feed the craving by browing in the Target maternity section if you end up there, or watching Baby & Me episodes. I think that would be healthier (and way more fun) than just trying to ignore it. I hear that its in the baby fever stage that most parents become inspired with ideas for their baby rooms and such.

P.S. - You were such a cute baby, what happened?? Hahahaha! My Paw Paw used to say that to us all the time, I'm just teasing!!

P.P.S. - Notice I didn't even post about OSB? I gained a pound too! Argh!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

There is no magic cure.
In my experience, you can make it work. I was nowhere near ready for my first baby, since he was a surprise, but my husband and I made it work, and we are better because of it.
I say go for it, because there will never be a perfect time! You will always find a reason why you should wait longer!

Rachel said...

Sorry girl - there is no cure. You could try finding a friend w/ a baby w/ colic, but as a woman I bet you'd find even that wouldn't do it. I'm w/ E...if you wait till you can afford it you'll never do it.

Rachel E. said...

What a cute "little kid" picture of you! You and your husband are going to be such great parents. I'm not married, not seeing anyone, etc. so I kick the baby fever somewhat out of necessity. It also helps that I'm a nanny and so I get my baby fix quite regularly (minus the 2 am feedings every night, which also helps!).