Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jewelry Love

I *heart* jewelry, it is one of my MANY weaknesses (note: clothes, shoes, Coach, purses, Burberry, plaid, French silk ice cream, wine, Starbucks, stoppping.....ok so you get it.) The jewelry making began because I found a fab-u-lous pair of red flats (my every own ruby-red slippers. Yes, I did just so happen to go ask Dorothy for Halloween that year.) I wear a lot of black (slimming qualities, yay.) but I love to add a splash of color to set it off. I simply could not find the perfect red necklace to go with my shoes. Or IF I found it it was over $200 (Are you kidding me...not even garnet........that's a Coach purse! So, I went to my local craft store and just so happened upon the exact beads I needed. And thus it began. After moving to SC ladies began to remark on a few pieces I had made. Then there was a gentle nudge from the blogging world and I have been obsessed ever since. Hey is what I have made so far:

Necklace in progress. I think there will be a bracelet for this on as well. Donno yet.

These are mine and kind of what kicked off my jewelry making over the summer. The thing with the ribbon is a Cleveland Browns necklace. I'm a fan by marriage and made a few of my fellow Browns Babes at our local Browns Backer Club. (Ken is el presidente next year.)


Necklaces that will be for sale once I get my stuff together.


As you can see I'm still (an idiot when it comes to taking pictures)photographically challenged and my items will be for sale once I get my stuff together.


Heather said...

You are so talented! These are all so pretty.

random moments said...

Bravo! Watch out - its addictive!