Friday, February 13, 2009

Scootie Scoo and Gizzie Too - Bestest Day EVER

Hi. I’m Scooter! For da new people, I am da baby of the Wick family. Daddy found me almost six months ago. Sometimes, I’m VERY uppy.

I was SOOOO happy dis morning. Da mommy woked up early, me and Gizzie got brefast early. I was so ‘cited that I jumped up and down all da way to my house.

Den da daddy waked up tooo. Early and every fing! So, we played bally. My new bally is my favorite, a’cause its just my size. I get my own stuffs, a’cause me and Gizzie don’t share good. It’s all her, really.

Den Mommy said we were REALLY good, so we got a bowl of cubies each. I love love LOVE cubies. Day are my favorite! Mommy waves her hand and da magic fridge-a-tader gives ‘em to us. Its so ‘citing.

Den mommy went bye bye for a little bit. And when she got back, I cried free times for her ‘til she put down the bags and gave me lovin’s. “Mommy, mommy, hi, hi hi.!”.

But, I got ‘stracted a’cause the bags her had were smelly, like good smelly. I dink day had nummies inside. I helped.

Since we had such a full morning, me and Gizzie too a nap on the couch. I love my Gizzie. She’s the bestest sister ever. That’s why I nip at her ears, legs and face all the time.


Heather said...


E said...

Gizzie is so well camouflaged with your couch. I almost didn't even see her.

I can't wait til you have kiddos cuz you're blogs are gonna be FUNNY! =0)

Love your new blog header, by the way!

Cheryl said...

I LOVE talking dogs!