Wednesday, February 25, 2009

OSB - Week 7 / Fat Tuesday

Ugh! I’m on a business trip in Atlanta (Yay, I’m home for a whole week!!!!! And get to spend time with Mamma Spawn, Goo and my girlfriends!!!!) traffic stinks, but just think of all the calories I might be burning while I’m (yelling at other drivers and sitting in traffic for an hour and a half each way which totals 3 hours of my life I will never get back) having a pleasant drive with my fellow commuters.

OSB -I have not clue what I weigh right now and I say this week doesn’t count! So there! The only exercise I am getting is walking from meetings, typing, walking to and from the printer (I know, I work for a company who seeks to make the world a little more green by replacing fax machines and consolidating all business communication via the web and I LOVE paper. I print, print, print and keep files. (Head hanging, I have a BIG carbon foot print. However, unless the office burns to the ground my files are safe whereas I have all ready found how much info can be lost when you trust these stupid machines. Nope, I’m NOT a techie; I just sell and market the stuff!))

Since yesterday was Fat Tuesday and (I needed an excuse to drink, eat fabulous food, party, and shovel chocolate into my mouth one last time) I’m Catholic, we went to Copland’s. All I can say is, Dear Copland’s thank you, thank you, thank you for pouring my first hurricane so heavy handed. It was a great way to wash away the stress of my day. Also the seafood stuffed artichokes were simply FAB-U-LouS!!!! The Jazz band was rockin’. Yes, that was me dancing in my seat and I appreciate the beads without having to go through the regular Marti grais debauchery to obtain them. Yes, my parents and friends are fabulous for paying and allowing me to crash their little party. They are one wild crowd and I love that about them. So yesterday really was FAT Tuesday for me.

With that said, I gave up all sweets for Lent. Woohoo, 40-days without chocolate!!! I thought about giving up coffee as well, but I wasn’t sure Ken would make it all 40 days with my being deprived of chocolate and coffee. Really, I did it for him. I am attending noon mass around the corner from the office (I will have a smudge for half the day.) and will have an opportunity to explain what the ashes on my head represent. Ok ok, as much as I joke about being Catholic, eating all the chocolate I can get, and my smudge, today really is a BIG day and I take it seriously.

Anyway, on to the Operation Skinny Bitch. Still drinking LOTS of water. The whole giving up sweets thing should help out a LOT (doing for God will be some much easier than just not eating sweets. I have increased my fiber (FiberOne cereal is yummy!!!), and I did a little weight loss research about nutrition and exercise hope this helps you guys too.

Sorry for the randomness of this blog. I suppose something as serious as Lent and Operation Skinny Bitch don't really go together, but you know me.....if it is on my mind.........its in the blog. Enjoy and for those of you with smudges; I'm with you and may you have a blessed Lent.......for those of you without sudges; ask, learn, and join if you wish. Take care and may God bless you all. And for those of you who don't beleive in God, he believes in you so be blessed as well.

Oops Update: For those of you interested in Operation Skinny Bitch , please click on the link and check it out. Its a group with the common goal of weight loss, the healthy way. We weigh in each Wednesday and report our progress or small set backs. Share recipes, exercise, tips and in general support each other in saying YES to a healthier life style.


Lori said...

Hi there! Thanks for your comment. All the best with your goals too, and with your Lent goals!

Island Girl said...

Thanks for following me (I'm going to do the same)!

I, too, love Fiber 1! Have you tried their pancake mix? Pancakes are my favorite but I never ate them because they were so bad for you, but thanks to Fiber 1 I can eat them again!! :) (I swear I don't work for Fiber 1 or anything, haha)

Good luck with your lent and weight loss goals!

Heather said...

Good luck with your goals - I should cut down on sweets too. We used to have a Copelands near Raleigh, but it closed. I have no idea why, b/c it was really good.

E said...

SO if we see a major mood change in your blogs, we can blame it on lack of chocolate, right? =0)