Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In the Kitchen - Mexican Casserole

Tonight's menu consists of Layered Mexican Tortilla Cheese Casserole out of my Favorite Brand Name Comfort Food cookbook (I'd give you a linky, but Target and Amazon are out of them right now. That and I found mine at Ross a few years ago for $8! I so LOVE a good deal.) This cookbook has the Ken approval rating of "You can make anything out of this book for me to eat!" (Very high marks indeed. LOL) Yes, sadly my great cookbook are flagged with post-its on what recipes Ken will and will not eat. In my opinion part of the reason this book has high ratings is that each recipe has a picture. My man is one that, if it looks gross (healthy), he wants nothing to do with it. In just 25 more minutes, we shall see if my version looks half as fabulous as there's. By the way, we will have none of that corn tortilla, corn and black beans aren't that great for you.... (Even if the OSB weigh in is tomorrow. Well, crap, I forgot about that! ARGH!......Whatever.)

Oh in other fabulous news (yes, I am well aware that fabulous is used FAR too often. Mamma Spawn would agree. No I don't need a thesaurus, thank you very much!) Ok, back to my point. I had a small happy dance at the grocery store (Bi-Lo, they give an extra discount for bringing your own reduce-reuse bags!!!! (Yes, I'm THAT woman walking into a foor store with my Target bags.) A discount is a discount and every penny counts right now. I mean hello, if I save five to ten bucks, I could actually go shopping again at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Hello.....new clothes or home decor or hmmmm more beads.

Anyway, if you try the recipe I hope you enjoy.


soon to be MRS. K said...

That sounds so yummy. I need to learn to cook. Check out the FREE valentine's day cookbook on my blog!

random moments said...

I do a mexican casserole similar to this. Nothing like everything you adore about mexican food in one bite!

The weigh in today.... ugh. I'm not doing it. I'm suck a diet slacker...