Monday, February 23, 2009

Its Monday Again; Wasn't ME

YAY, its Monday and I'm in Atlanta all week. The only thing good about Mondays is denying everything I do during the week. This lovely form of therapy was NOT created by MckMama. GO check what she didn't do this week.

It did NOT just occur to me that I forgot to turn in my Internet bill with my January expense report, which means I just cheated myself out of $50 for the month, who is honestly that careless when every dollar counts and our corporate office won't let me double up this month. But, IF that had happened, my FEBRUARY bill would have all ready been sent the second I got it, right.

While trying to figure out when Easter is this year (April 12), I did NOT ponder for a half an hour thinking we had plans that weekend, but couldn't put my finger on it.....Like someone was getting married...."Who the heck gets married Easter weekend?!".....Then later realized WE got married April 12th last year. Ooops. What kind of newlywed forgets their first anniversary even for a few minutes? But, since it did not happen...... I also did NOT tell Ken when Easter was and ask him what was going on that weekend and HE did NOT automatically know what that day was. I mean, IF that had happened what kind of wife would that make me?

I am NOT learning SO much from my first give-away and what NOT to do for next time. On the same note, I did NOT schedule the contest to end while I'm on a business trip and where I'll have to lug the budvase with me in order to send it in a timely fashion.

Ken was NOT touched by watching "Fireproof" on Saturday and suggest it to other men. This movie and work book was NOT suggested to us before Christmas when we completely did NOT need it and Ken did NOT make a comment to the sales person which proved we so did need to watch. I also did NOT know that GOD is still working on our marriage. 317 days of marriage and counting!!!!

After announcing that someone had forgotten their coffee cup at church and running after the guys, when he came back in and said "Oh I came back in of my coffee cup." I did NOT say, "Oh you did? How funny I was just asking whose cup this was." He did NOT over hear me and that was why he was coming back. Blond, much, NOT ME.

What did you NOT do this week?


Lindsey said...

This post cracked me up!!

Chloie said...

Funny... especially the part of forgetting your own 1st year anniversary!

Wayne said...

hey great not me monday

I'm doing a new post called Tell a joke tuesday. It has mr linky so you can share your jokes or funny story that happend to you with the world

I hope you will join in
it starts in about 5 hours

E said...

Yea, seriously - who gets married on Easter Weekend? OH YEA - that would be YOU!!!! =0)

I enjoyed your Not Me's. I wanna win the bud vase!!! Dontcha love me that much at least? j/k {wink}

Have a fun trip!

The Other K Wick said...

LOL. Thanks for the comments. We didn't get married Easter weekend last year (Easter was in March in '08) but I did forget our one year. Such a bad wife. LOL.

On the give away, I did learn that I should have given exact points to the people who have been with me for a while and actually communicate with me on a daily if not weekly basis. Next time Gadget, next time!!!