Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Monday Again - It's wasn't Me

Good morning, Happy President's Day. This fun Monday event was created by MckMama at My Charming Kids For this perfectionist, its a great way to find joy in my imperfections and laugh at myself. AND A WAY WE GO.......

I did NOT make a deal with Ken that we weren't doing anything for Valentine's Day and then do everything in my power to nudge him into purchasing a bracelet from Random Moments website. Who does that? (He bought it!!!)

I do NOT praise GOD again that there was enough money to pay bills again this week, then calculate next weeks, freak out because we would be short and then take a deep breath knowing that GOd can do SO much in a single week. (Found out Ken will have another check on Friday! Thank you, GOD!!!)

Who would allow their corporate office's email (They will no longer allow us to discount anything, but yet we must sell, sell, sell) on Friday make them SO frustrated they would spend the rest of their day looking for other career opportunities? NOT ME

I did NOT give Ken his Valentine's Day present early and he has NOT all ready polished all of his chocolate off.

Who was that woman having baby fever so bad that she stuck her belly out in the mirror Saturday morning, just to "see what it might be like"? Wasn't ME because WE are completely not ready yet. Ken still needs a steady income.

I did NOT mess up the sauce for chicken wantons (My family's recipe) we were taking to the family fish fry (with the in-laws and our friends from Greenville), then eat so much Walleye on Saturday that I felt sick.

Without thinking about money, I did NOT tell the hubs that IF he really wants to go on the fishing trip in June, we'll make it happen but that means I'm going to see GI Barbie and her baby in DC. Its good to give the man something to focus on. (smiles)

I was NOT then tired just thinking about how busy our Spring is going to be. (Our one year anniv., Wedding in CO in April, Wedding in TN in May, Man fishing trip in June, I'm in DC in July.....)

I was NOT so moved while singing in church that I cried a little and then realized other women were as well.

I am NOT mad that we are not off work for President's Day. I needed the extra sleep, despite falling asleep during the movie at 8pm last night.

What did you "NOT" do this week?


E said...

I'm with ya on the WORK thing today. It was SOOOOO hard to drag myself outta bed knowing that my hubby and kids were HOME and yet here I sit - - - at work. And I know, I should be thankful that in today's economy I HAVE A JOB. But today, I wanna be home with them. =0(

Too funny on the pregnancy thing! It was my photos!!! - j/k.

Happy Monday!

Lindsey said...

HAHA You make me laugh! LOVE your Not Me Monday!

I wish I had today off too!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm glad you got your bracelet!
I hope you are able to TTC soon!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Glad the bills worked out this week. I know how that feels.

Rachel E. said...

I cry in worship too, sometimes. It used to really freak me out but now I realize that it reminds me that God has taken what used to be a "heart of stone" and has given me a "heart of flesh" instead. Your pictures are beautiful, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Very funny...being 8 months pregnant myself, I find myself doing the exact opposite, that is, standing in front of a mirror imagining what it would be like to be thin again (and finding it hard to believe that I ever was)!

Cute post!

La vie est belle! said...

I really want to go back to St. Louis to visit the gardens...I haven't been there, and I keep hearing that they are wonderful! So you are from there originally? I have lot of cousins up there so it's fun to visit!