Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yep, He's a Keeper

In my Barbie ways I thought my ideal man was always the well dressed corporate type or the somewhat geeky computer guy. Blond hair and big blues eyes had always turned my head. I wasn’t seeking to be the next Real Housewife of (whatever city), I enjoy working and making my own money always have and probably always will. I guess I was looking for the perfect Ken…….. and like the right perfect shoes, the perfect man was harder to find than I thought. My plans of being married by 25 and children by 30 flew by. God was apparently NOT on the same schedule I was. After many tears, prayers, and frustration…….. I came to realize God’s way MUST be the right way. So, I got my own life together and stopped looking (well , kind of). After my family and friends pushed me, I joined Match.com thinking if nothing else….it would shut the people I love up for the time being. Over the first 3 months I had gone on a few dates, but not much came of it. I just hadn’t found what I was looking for. Then this guy in South Carolina wrote a message something like, “The Saint Louis Cardinals suck!” A yeah, whatever 34-year-old smoker, construction worker, dark hair, brown eyes, non-Catholic, Cleveland teams (Browns, Indians, Ohio State) fan….as IF we have anything in common.

But, never one to back down from a challenge I wrote him back. Addressing my email to his dog (pictured with him), “Dear Miss Weimaraner: Please tell your owner that I do not make a habit of insulting other people’s teams and I might add that he may want to take a look at the Cardinals record this year (on the road to the World Series where they later won. Ha ha) where as what have the Indians done lately and don’t get me started on the Cleveland Borwns, PLEASE!”

Needless to say……This stubborn man was EXACTLY what God had in mind. Our first date, he brought me roses (first to ever do it and surprisingly I wasn’t weirded out by it.) I found my normally uptight “be perfect, be perfect” self relaxing, because to be honest…….I didn’t care if I offended this guy or IF he never called me again. That first night he said I few things I found insulting, but instead of kicking him out of my car, I saw it as a challenge. And before I knew it the date lasted longer and longer and he attended mass with me the next morning even though I hadn’t dropped him off at his hotel until after our late night movie let out.

I was invited it South Carolina for our second date. He showed me the houses he and his brother built. My construction worker was actually a general contractor in the business side of things rather than wearing a tool belt and who could forget that beautiful dog. While I was there, I met his parents, friends and his brother and his family. Who does that on a second date? NOT ME. Still not freaked out………. He went on a fishing trip and called me five times at two am while out with the boys. Told me I was the best thing to ever happen to him….(Drunk MUCH!?) Yes, but he also told me he loved me. THIS freaked me out. How could this guy I only knew for a month, be in love with me? Within 7 months he asked me to marry him, within 11 months after that we were married and I moved to SC. (WAY faster than I have EVER moved in a relationship.)

One of our engagement photos.

Ken is my polar opposite in almost every way. The yin to my yang. I’m Corporate Barbie: He’s Construction Ken. I plan out every outfit I wear down to my jewelry, shoes, etc; all he cares about is if it is clean. I’m domestic; he’s outdoorsy. I can follow a recipe and make fancy meals; he finds leftovers, a few spices and can create an amazing meal. He’s quick to anger, yells a lot and quick to forgive, whereas if I’m slow to anger, quietly evil and hold a grudge forever. We are both the most stubborn people you could meet.

At GI Barbie's wedding.

Its somewhat odd that someone who seems all wrong for me would be exactly what I needed. Albeit, I’m not the typical Barbie girl so why would I have the typical Ken? This man of mine can be wonderful and on aspects he is somewhat less than wonderful, he is willing to work on and that’s why he’s a keeper.


Lindsey said...

I love this post!! So sweet!!!

4under3 said...

What a great story of how God brought two people together. And how sweet are you!!!?!??

Thanks for saying "hey."


E said...

OH, how cool! I feel like "I'm getting to know you"! ha ha ha

What an awesome post!!! Loved it!

If you're ever in Texas, look me up, you hear? ha ha ha

The Other K Wick said...

By the way, that first picture of Ken is from THE fishing trip. Actually it was a tourny and he came in second.

Wayne said...

Hey great joke and thankyou for taking part in tell a joke tuesday

La vie est belle! said...

Hello! Check out my blog for your award! =)

Wayne said...

I also put your link up on my page under k wick

E said...

Okay, can't find an email address for you to contact you - so here we go again. ha ha ha

Award? Who what where when? I've checked all 3 blogs and I see nothing. I'm kinda excited! You can find my email address on my sidebar of my blog.

Chloie said...

oH, i so love your story! So sweet... Glad you found a keeper!