Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OSB - Week 5

I was able to stick to my goal of eating somewhat better. Ok, fine I still have one trouffle a day, but would you REALLY its just so Ken survives the week. If I drank any more water, I'd float. Ken apparently lost 17 pounds on the potato chip diet, the buttface. I honestly don't get it. He drinks 3 glasses of soda a day and easily eats two exact meals after dinner and is dropping pounds. I (loath is about him) am so proud of him. I have not been eating anything beyond 8 pm. It paid off though....I lost 4 pounds!!! Woohoo!! Happy Dance!!!!

If you'd like to join the Operation Skinny Bitches follow the link.


random moments said...

Good job! Sounds like what you're doing is working, even if you are popping a trouffle every day. Besides, dieters need treats to keep them happy!

E said...


Men always seem to lose weight faster/easier. I think its just the genetic make-up. Keep up the good work!

Chloie said...

Men has faster metabolism than women. Isn't that so unfair?

Heather said...

Good job!