Thursday, January 29, 2009

Corporate Barbie is BACK, Baby!!!

As part of my "plan" by corporate, I am now required to visit the home office, Atlanta, for a whole week once a month. (I do believe I was the one to suggest regular office visits when we first talked about my working from home, but whatever.....) So as a show of just how committed I am to a company that doesn't give a.....(crap, for lack of a better term. Albeit, a word less Barbie like might suit the REAL feeling better.) about their employees, I came to the office this week even though I was not required to begin this until the end of February. (BTW- this is SO not a skirt I am currently stalking at Ann Taylor Loft. {Oh yes, you will be MINE.})

Anyhoo, driving into work this morning it hit me how much I miss putting on a suit and heels with a laptop bag thrown over my shoulder and a hot cup of Starbucks (homemade coffee lately. The budget friendly route)in my hand. Gosh it felt good. For the first time in a long time, I felt powerful (A bunny slippers wearing telecommuter never intimidated anyone.) I took a meeting with my boss and signed a contract (a step by step plan to bring up overall numbers and that if I don't I'm at corporates whim.) without being nervous or fearing for my job. I just flipped back my hair and said, "Consider it a done deal."

I have come to the conclusion that I am not meant to sell software from home. Its not me. I have had cabin fever for almost a year now. And with my corporate (the European one) office's issues, I have been a nervous wreck. But, no more.....I have prayed about it and Corporate Barbie is BACK. Whether I continue selling software or God has nothing plan for me.....I'll be fine. And if HQ doesn't like it, they can kiss my grits! (Yes, the Midwestern is using Southern terms. What can I say, I've lived here for 14 years now......must be in the water.)

So, what makes you feel empowered?


Lindsey said...

LOVE the skirt, too cute!!

random moments said...

Now see, I totally envied your stay-at-home job. But there is something uplifting about putting on a hot in-charge skirt with a pair of sassy heels that really brings your confidence level up. Congrats on the new change!

Heather said...

I like that skirt too.