Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Monday Again and It WASN'T ME

Woohoo, NOT ME Monday, AGAIN!!!!

I DID NOT freak out, so much I could hardly work, over the fact that one of my co-workers is leaving the company and our corporate office is still being thick headed about everything.

I DID NOT laugh out loud realizing that Ken being in my life is God’s way of teaching me PATIENCE!

I AM NOT more excited about Ken’s birthday than he is. And I am NOT the evil wife who reminded him that while he was in High School and driving, I was still in elementary school. That would just be wrong.

I WAS NOT snuggled up by the fire most of the weekend when it hit 9 freakin’ degrees! HELLO, this is the SOUTH!!!

I WAS NOT completely humbled by a woman at church yesterday (I could tell they are worse off than we are) as she talked about how blessed they were and that they want to share their good fortune with the church. And here I was been all woe-is-me because I cannot spend money the way I used to. I also did not thank God for keeping me in check.

I AM NOT totally in love with Ken as of late and think he is adorable. And I’m NOT thankful to God for that either.

I DON’T love that Ken made homemade sushi from his sushi cookbook for me last night and it only cost us a cucumber, onion, and crab meat. He is my own sushi master. LOL.

I AM NOT overjoyed about moving forward with my event planning dreams by creating a Wedding planning blog Notes From the Bridal Brain It got old sitting on my bum and not acting on what I want.

I DID NOT that I seem to be dressed like my 6th grade art teach today. (Jeans, black turtle neck, lime green suede shirt/jacket, black socks and Crocs. Can you say, comfort!

I did NOT just realize I still need to make Ken's birthday dessert. (Sugar free cheesecake Jello pudding, with part half & Half and heavy whipping cream. It's yummy.

What did you "NOT" do this week?


Haley Nicodemus said...

Love the art teacher outfit - you nailed that one on the head!

Good luck with your wedding planning!

Chloie said...

9 degrees? I'm jealous. Here it was -11 degrees! I can't wait for the summer!!!

Cheryl said...

I did not find out how to use my blackberry..once again.

Jet Settin' Girl said...

Not Me Monday: I did not do lots of things yesterday! I did not post anything to my blog like I should have :-(. I did not clean my house! But I did spend more quality time with my daughter! I did TOTALLY match the art teacher today except I had on Dawgs instead of Crocs!