Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Monday Again and It Wasn't ME

Not Me Mondays are the brain child of the MkcMama. I look forward to them every week just that I am reminded weekly that no matter how much I plan and schedule, I am not in control and am only human.

I DID NOT get a free Pepperidge Farm Cake with my purchase of frozen pasta at the grocery store on Friday. I did NOT think this was FAB-U-LOUS and disregard the plan I had for OSB. Ken and I did NOT eat the whole cake within 3 days.

I was NOT fusing at the couch, because the slip cover shrunk after being washed. I KNOW I followed the washing instructions! Ok well I think I did.

My back does NOT hurt after trying to do a back bend with my 10-year-old niece on Saturday. When exactly did I get to be so old?!

I was NOT the queen of unfinished projects this weekend. Started many finished one.

I am NOT trying to jump the season by making a Spring wreath for the front door. The unfinished project did NOT get packed up to go to Mamma Spawn's on Wednesday with me.

I was NOT whinny most the week when Ken worked in the shop until 10 pm and that I felt neglected and then tell him he was being too needy on Sunday when he needed my opinion every 20 to 30 minutes on a house he was drawing........for my parents. What kind of wife does that.

I was NOT inspired by HGTV on Sunday afternoon and then walk around staging my house as IF we were going to put it on the market or host a grand party. yes, I am a bit odd some days. But, I make Ken laugh.

"A Hard Knock Life" from Annie was not running through my head as I cleaned the carpets and swept the floors. I did NOT dance at all, because that would just be cheesy. Plus it might not be so great if you had played with a 10-year-old the day before.

I did NOT spend 3 hours trying to make place mats and hem a few skirts and pants. Only to realize that it has been so long since I have hemmed anything that I have completely forgotten the rules about tension on my machine. I did NOT get so mad at it after ripping out seams three times that I gave up and used fabric glue. Who does that? My great grandma was most likely NOT watching this event and shaking her head. (She is the one to teach me how to sew, or not sew as the case may be.)

The uppy puppy has is NOT now barking at me when like he's a big dog when I eat breakfast and don't share with him. He is not spoiled rotten to his core. Nope, not him.

Feel free to join the NOT ME's on MkcMama's blog or just tell me a few things you "Haven't" done this week.......


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Sorry about the couch slipcover. I had the same thing happen to mine recently...I was so mad!

E said...


You said "Who does that?" about gluing the hem.... I SO WOULD!

I've put together many kid costumes with HOT GLUE rather than sewing! Yes, I"m that lazy and it works and lasts long enough for them to OUTGROW IT, so who cares?! ha ha ha