Friday, January 30, 2009

Me and My Crazy Ideas

But what if they aren’t so crazy.

I have said it before that Ken plays the lottery and we have fun dreaming about what we would do with all that cash. Pay off the debt is always number one for me. However, no matter how much fun it is to dream, I have never thought that winning money (as in millions and be set for life) was in God’s plan for me. Although if it happened you wouldn’t hear a negative peep out of me other than some of “those people” coming out of the wood work asking for cash. I have always believed that no matter what happens in my life, I have and always will be blessed. It has been a pretty easy me because God has given me all the tools I need to be successful and comfortable. I might not ever have Bill Gate’s money, but I also know that is because I’m not willing to give up things in my life to work that hard to earn it. I don’t need it. Money is not what drives me.

That being said, I have always gotten these ideas in my head. Friends and I used to joke about if I would just act on one, perhaps I’d be a millionaire. I have notebooks with half written books……..little art projects………marketing materials saved on my computer for ideas I have yet to act on completely. I suppose you could say, on some things, I lack follow through. Like the story of Formula 409 If that were my idea, it would never have happened. I would have given up back on try number 100 or so. The thing is that I know what path I am supposed to take, or at least I think I do. And it is all really a matter of taking that leap of faith to make it all happen.

Anyway, I got this great idea to attend arts and crafts shows as a vendor and make extra money. SO that soon I can yell, “We’re debt free!!!!” on the Dave Ramsey show.

I think I have said that I’m been making jewelry on the side. Mainly it has been for me, but as gifts as well. I have been making wreaths since ………….(hmmm, I got the scar on my leg from hot glue… 4th grade…..) a LONG time, so I’ll make a few of those. Odd combination, I know, but……. I had a great idea this morning as I was wrapping a gift for a friend. I’m not telling what it is, but now I cannot wait to get home to SC and test it out. Just have to find an inexpensive way to make them…… stay tuned.

So, what was one of your million dollar ideas? I promise I won’t steal it! And heck, even if I did steal it I’d most likely sit on my bum and do nothing with it, so you are safe. (ha ha ha ha)


E said...

You know what I wish I'd invented?

This is my big "wish". As silly as it is, I wish I had come up with "Not Me" Mondays so I could have Mr. Linky on MY BLOG and get all those daily viewers. I know, I'm weird!! Cuz it wouldn't make me rich in the slightest.

random moments said...

So many things... but I'm too lazy. I'd rather just play the lotto.

Go for the jewelry making girl! I've been in the business for years. Its so rewarding, financially and creatively. And those shows are serious fun!

Chloie said...

There's nothing wrong with dreaming big. Go for it!

My siblings and I have always been thinking of going into pharmaceutical business eventually. We're all in the science field, so we thought it might be a good idea to have our own lab. That's just a dream, though. Too much capital funds needed.

Running In Stilettos said...

I'd become a real estate tycoon!

Oh...and check out my latest post...I tagged you!