Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OSB - Week 2

As I told you last Wednesday, I joined the Operation Skinny Bitches. I am hoping this will keep me accountable for what I eat and how often I exercise. I will not ever say anything like, "Oh my gosh I'm so fat..." Because, it is never a matter of being fat. I just so happen to have a love affair with chocolate, that's all.
Hello Dove Chocolate. Yes, I do hear you calling my name at all hours of the day.

Your promises of not going to my bum and thighs are lies, I tell you lies!

Much to my chagrin, I am quickly gaining my grandma's double chin.

I fear the seasons cake, cookies, and pies, will eventually lead to the demise (of my waist line that is.)

I have tried and tried to be thin, but my love for you has me back here again.

Don't ask about the little poem about chocolate. It's 0430 and I am tired out of my mind. The big dog decided she needed to potty at 0230 and I have been up ever since. Yes, I have had sweets on the brain since November. And the Cupcakes Take the Cake
blog is NOT helping with their continued postings for delectable desserts.

Oh sorry, and for my OSB weigh in for today, I cheated and checked this morning. 158! UGH! Perhaps I'll be lighter at a regular hour of the morning? Not so much. While 158 is not huge deal, my jeans are too tight. (The history of the Barbie weight, I was 115 at 5'10 all through high school without even trying and forget my playing soccer etc, because I could have sat on my bum ...... You know what , who cares blah blah blah blah. I need to kick these 30 pounds I have packed on since meeting Ken. THEY MUST GO!!!! Exercise is going to be my middle name!

I'm posting now, but not sure any of this really makes sense, so be ready for edits later in the day.

UPDATE: Ok so apparently waiting until 0900, worked becuase I reweighed in at 154.7. Woohoo. I'll take the 3 pound loss. All I have been doing is only drink one cup of joe in the morning with Splinda. Eating breakfast: either South Beach style (one egg and two strips turkey bacon) or eating a bowl of Fiber One cereal. Then I try to eat a piece of fruit mid morning and eat a light lunch.


random moments said...

Hmm. I think I would like to join this OSB. Where do I sign up?

Hey, don't fret about your weight! I'm 154 and only 5'5". I do hold a lot in my hips & chest, but that's no excuse!

I think its a great idea to have a chic support group. I'm going to take a lookie at this OSB thing. Maybe we can help each other. I want about 30lbs off too! I have a cruise in March and a black & white polka do bikini to get into. Yikes!!

random moments said...

I just joined OSB with you! This is going to be fun (and tough). Glad you shared this, ready to kick these lbs! :)

KDLOST said...

girl, you're doing good!

i love the SBD... i wish i could stick to it like i did last year. ... hmmm, maybe i will re-start (again) on monday... hmmmm....

:) cheers to OSB and to us!

Chloie said...

That's actually a good way to do it. It's easier when you've got inspiration through other people.