Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Potato Brush Diabolical of 2008

While this posting is slightly dated, Ken refreshed my memory by asking if he could “boil” the potato brush. What?

A brief history: (Scene: Sometime in June 2008, Barbie is preparing baked potatoes for a cook-out.)

Barbie: “Ken, where is the potato brush?”

Ken: “What potato brush?”

Barbie: The brush that was in the bin under the kitchen sink. The OXO one. That’s a potato brush. You know, you scrub potatoes with it……”

Ken: “Ah, was it that black brush thing…….”

Barbie: “Yes, that one. Where is it? I need it to clean the potatoes.”

Ken: “Ummmm, I used it on the carpet…..”


Ken: “Well, Giz got poo stains on the carpet so I found the brush and used it.”

Barbie: “UGH!!!! That went with my salad spinner! And was for POTATOES!”

Since then the potato brush has been used for carpet cleaning and needless to say… cannot get another OXO potato brush unless you purchase another salad spinner. I am over that whole potato brush diabolical. Lately, we have been making potato soup and I make Ken wash the potatoes. After our second batch of potato soup thins season, Ken decided potato brusher might be handy. Yesterday, the uppy pup puked on the floor. I cleaned it, but there was still a slight stain so I retreated and left for later. This morning the hubs (decided I had no clue how to clean carpets and tried to give me Carpet Cleaning 101) helpfully cleaned the spot again with the former potato brush. He then looks at me and says, “I think I’ll boil the potato brush so we can use it on potatoes again.” (What? Yuck! Gag, gag, gag.)

The whole thing is hilarious to me in a Men are from Mars, Women from Venus kind of way. While Ken is very intelligent, I really don’t understand why he does the things he does some days. We will be purchasing a new potato brush soon. I had not bought a new one purely on principle.

Hubbys are an interesting group. What odd thing has your’s done?


Southern Bride To Be said...

Hahaha, that hilarious!

random moments said...

This is so funny! Btw, this is so cheap of me but I found a potato brush at the dollar store and have been using it for years! And even better, it looks like a potato!

My hubs leaves the shower curtain flung completely open after his shower, leaving the entire shower exposed. I try to tell him the purpose for shower curtains, yet he continues to leave the curtain back. I dunno, seems weird to me.