Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Again and It wasn't ME

Not Me Monday was created by McKMamma from MyCharmingKids blog. I have been involved for about a month. Ever the planner and perfectionist, this is a nice outlet to laugh about that fact that I am only human and far from perfect. Plus, its something to look forward to on a Monday.

I did NOT finally take down all the Christmas decor last Thursday. There are strict rules in this house that the Christmas decor is up the day after Thanksgiving and down a day after New Years. I could give the excuse that I was in fact ill last week, blah, blah, blah. But, seeing as how it didn't happen (wink, wink).......

I DO NOT have zits popping up all over my face because I was a lazy bum last week and did not go through the WHOLE make-up removal routine and go to bed.

Friday was NOT spent researching Event planning jobs, locations, other coordinators and dreaming of the day when I can make the career leap of being an Event Planner.

The Barbie Mansion (lol) was NOT cleaned from top to bottom (Had to get it "company clean.") on Saturday, because Ken (the hubs. Barbie and Ken, get it.) invited people over to watch the football games on Sunday. On the same note, I was NOT a crabby PMSy butt about it. Nor did I turn my simple cleaning project into an all day event by reorganizing the linen and master closets.

I also did NOT look forward to going to the St. Andrews Bridal Showcase all week, only to wimp out about going by myself, claiming that Ken needed my help to prepare for the football guests. He actually did need my help.

We are NOT attempting to train the uppies based on things I saw on "It's Me or the Dog."

I did NOT break a Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover rule and use some of my Christmas money from my grandparents to buy shoes and Ken's birthday presents instead for putting it toward the debt.

I did NOT gain 20 pounds since our wedding in April and the Bon bons are NOT calling my name from the pantry as I type.

I am NOT surprised and happy that Ken and I have gone almost a month without arguing and getting completely tick off at each other. We are working VERY hard to be a cohesive unit. I can fully admit, I like the hubs a lot as of late.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Ahh, we all sometimes break the Dave Ramsey plan. But- it is plan, not a law, right?! I think your blog is adorable!

Anonymous said...

I need to get with the Dave Ramsey plan. Your not me's are great!