Friday, January 23, 2009

Will Work for Shoes

Frustrated, up-set, perturbed, nervous, afraid, and mad as hell.........have all been felt over my work situation. Well, this morning I have a meeting with the boss. They are putting me on a "plan" which is the next step before you are gone. Our corporate office has no intension of selling us at this point, becuase that would bring to light few things out of their closet. (Don't ask how I know that.) So, their plan is to pick off the employees one at a time. I know this becuase it explains how 30 people in our European office left two at a time each month last year. Plus, this happen to the other coworker I told you about. I just so happen to be next in line and apparently in our office they are going all the way to the top. As a whole all of our numbers are down. Moral is not low, but subterrainian and this is their plan to motivate us or get rid of us.

Yes, my first reaction was to cry and pray. But, I am looking at this as God's way of pushing me out the door. Change makes me nervous and I won't look for it on my own. So, this is my kick in the butt to move on. Where I don't know, but I won't be crippled by fear. Instead I will let this empower me to do what I probably should have a while ago. (Don't ask why but the song these boots were made of walking is now in my head. LOL). The resume has been dusted off and updated, yes I will work to bring my numbers up, but I'll work even harder to leave. Not the best timing since Ken is a general contractor, but God has been taking care of us on that front and I know he always has my best interest in mind. "Where there is hope there can be faith, where there is faith miracles can occur.'

So, here's my sign:

Will work for shoes Four years of sales experience in a leading technology firm and six years hands on experience in customer service in a fast paced / time critical environment. Seeking a position in sales, marketing, Public relations, Event planning perferred (Hey a girls gotta hope on that last one.)

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random moments said...

I used to be an event planner. Super fun, lots of travel, but so crazy stressful.

I'd like to think fate has something in store for you. Just keep that faith in God and your head held high honey. This change could be a fantastic one!